Prepare for Gathered Worship | Sunday, November 5, 2017

As we continue in our Transformed series, we take this week to learn about God the Spirit–the One who displays the power of God to bring things into existence and accomplish God’s purposes. In the beginning the Spirit hovered over the waters of creation bringing about the very will of God in creating the world. The Spirit has the power to enable us to know and love Christ, giving us new birth into a new life by giving us new hearts! He gives us the mind of Christ, making us like Him. The Father has eternally delighted in the Son through the Spirit, and the Son in the Father; the Spirit’s work in giving us new life is nothing less than bringing us to share in their mutual delight! The Spirit of God manifests the power of God for us!

Listen to the songs we’ll be singing this Sunday. Plan on joining us for gathered prayer at 9:00 am, then gathered worship at 10:00 am.