Oneschak MC

A Missional Community intent on making disciples in the context of ASU’s West Campus, and partnering with local and national/international ministries or missionaries, while continuing the individually see God glorified and disciples made in our everyday lives (neighborhoods, co-workers, classmates, etc.) Meeting Times Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm Meeting Location Glendale/43rd & Thunderbird Rd. Contact Phone 

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Copperwood Park MC

A Missional Community intent on making disciples and serving the neighborhood around 63rd Ave & Peoria. Gathering Times: Sundays @ 4pm Gathering Location: 10615 N. 63rd Drive, Glendale, AZ Contact: Steve & Tammy Stouffer

Rhythms-How We Live

Soma – Identities and Rhythms.pdf The gospel applies to everyday rhythms of life. As we begin and continue to follow Jesus, much of why and how we live life changes. We continue to eat, make friends, go to parties, and serve our neighbors. But now we seek to do so in light of our identity 

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Identity – Who We Are

Soma – Identities and Rhythms.pdf We aren’t defined by what we do. We are defined by what God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ. What we do is based upon and motivated by what God has done and who God has made us to be. This is all the outworking of 

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College MC

A Missional Community sent to make and mature disciples in the context of college campuses. We work alongside Young Life at ASU West, student leaders at GCU, and various students at GCC. You do not have to be a student or employee of a college to join us – just have a heart to see young people 

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Beyeler MC

A Missional Community intent on making disciples with existing relationships in each member’s lives. Gathering Times: Tuesday evenings at 5:45 pm Gathering Location: Peoria/91st & Beardsley Contact: 602-524-1064 Andrew & Terra Beyeler